Babies Blueprints are written natal interpretations for infants and children.
Linda Merlino has been a practicing astrologer since 1986 and is Level IV certified by the National Council of Geocosmic Research.
At present Linda is one of only a few astrologers specializing in Parenting Astrology.
Celestial Blueprints are adult written natal interpretations.

"Linda has a wonderful gift. I have relied on the baby blueprints created for my boys over and over again.
The blueprints helped me better understand my boys’ temperament as babies and young toddlers. My boys are 6 and 4 now and the blueprints
have been helpful in navigating the pre-school stage of development. I am more confident as a parent because of the additional
information I have at my finger-tips. I highly recommend this as a parenting tool to help you better meet the individual needs of your children."

- Yvette Bloomberg, Maryland

"I received Linda's baby blueprint for my son as a birthday gift when he turned one. It was truly a special gift
to have, especially since I had already seen many of the characteristics described in the blueprint. As a new mom the blueprint helped
me understand his nature and how to approach him in a constructive and efficient way. I love having this document of his personality.
A beautiful and different way to acknowledge a new life! Thank you, Linda."

- Mariel Rodner, New York

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